by Pageants

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released February 23, 2018

Rebecca Coleman: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Devin O'Brien: guitar, bass, drum programming
Dylan Wood: drums

Produced by Devin O'Brien & Rebecca Coleman
Engineered by Devin O'Brien
Additional engineering by Dylan Wood
Recorded at Devin and Rebecca's Home Studio in Long Beach, CA
Mixed by Vincenzo LoRusso at Elias Arts
Additonal recording on 'Deep Ring' by Luke Ehret in Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Dale Becker at Becker Mastering
Cover Photo by Rhyan Santos
Cover Art by Rebecca Coleman

All songs written by Rebecca Coleman

2018 Eye•Dull Records


all rights reserved



Pageants Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Lingr
I heard a sign
But I don’t see
I’m facing the top of
The wind in my rustic dream

You, the worst in me
You, forced to linger
You’re forced to linger aimlessly

Roll up in night
Whether you’re wrong or right
We’re wastin’ time
Braced for the lies
Where’s the line for thee?

Go up to the line
(Defacing you)
You’re up to the line
(Oh it’s you)
All of the time
Face or finger
You’re forced to linger aimlessly
Track Name: Cacti for Clothes
If too cool to dare
His eye dull
Stop think dig grave
This swollen head disdain

Needles for shoes
Cacti for clothes
Aloe in my mouth
But we can’t heal the words
Track Name: Free
It wasn’t free
It wasn’t free to me
Thought by my chest
Is there anybody else?
Softer than sheen
Take two more steps toward me
Held by my chair
Is there anybody else?

I’ve been searching for you for a long time
I’ve been searching for you a long time
I’ve been searching for you a long time…

It doesn’t mean
It doesn't mean to me
That you’re undressed
Of that in inhuman jest
Solemn intrigue
Is this the death of me?
Felt by my chest
Is there anybody left?

I've been searching for you for a long time
I’ve been searching for you a long time
I’ve been searching for you a long time...
Track Name: So Cool
Tawny lighting secretly in some bedroom I dreamt
Conversating with you as an insecure attempt
Late at night I am alone though someone deeply cares
Pushing him away from me though I just want him there
It’s like it’s becoming cruel
And i don't know what to do
It’s just he’s acting so cool
He’s got me acting a fool

Never noticed anything til she started coming ‘round
Cold as ice it seems sometimes like you’re under a spell
And now I feel perplexed and I feel just like I could melt
Solely ‘cause I hadn’t even noticed how I felt

It’s like it’s becoming cruel
And I don’t know what to do
It’s just he’s acting so cool
He’s got me acting a fool
Track Name: No Wonder
I could stand the waves
They’re breaking knee high
She’s still saving face
Now I know why

Couldn’t stand to waste
Gates to non-existent place
Felt a tidal race
An attempt to erase time

I can see the wedding bells
Underneath your skin
Now I see just why she
Lies in her guilt
All along the dusted trails
I was following
But the sea was veiling me
Now it veils you still

It’s no wonder it’s no wonder it’s no wonder….
Track Name: Chai (חַי‎)
Sun til my mother said chai
The morning in the hell
Listen up in time, I’ll
Gone, the king sinners in castles and they had, and then they would
I kindle woes simply low
Killin’ none of the time

Huntin’ a head
Keepin’ a box in hide
Creepin’ halls, we keep ‘em dancin’ all the night
Rainin’ hell, paintin’ a mess in all height
Killin’ a fool, huntin’ under daylight

Roll onto the arrow in my side
The coldest winter known
Cross the edge in time
Colors of an echo fading fast and burning cruel
I still evoke, can’t emote this condoned divine

Crawlin’ ahead
Keepin’ a thought in mind
Creekin’ walls, glowin’ embers all ignite
Sanction a rule, we keep ‘em flowin’ all the night
Run into you
Run into wonder’s delight
Track Name: Musings of the Tide
Last farewell, I foretell
Don’t ever tell me that you’re failing to keep in mind
The force of the morning and the way that the strings are tied

I just can’t ignore the signs
Heaven sent like golden vines
And with you it’s all designed
I just don’t want to be inclined

Creature swarm, I give warn
Don't ever tell me again that you can't climb
Caught in a canyon still looking for what to find

I confess I’m holding all
Pendent sins and brooding halls
I can do the wind in time
I’ve been told the musings of the tide
Track Name: Deep Ring
I don’t mean to think
Like you’re condescending, I’m mending
Deep ringin’ in my ear
And I fear what she might say
She says it’s cool

It’s a tide of a timeline
Stir you in black coffee, bittersweet
I wanna touch the ground
Await to heal the sorrow someday
Act a fool

Now my pride has died
Sitting atop reason for leaving
And how ashamed I feel
With uncomfortable pleading
Can’t control
Track Name: Can't Smile
Never thought you’d get this far
Sittin’ ‘round with her
Decided to invade upon
Now you won’t talk to me

Has she got you by the tongue?
‘Cause no one talks to me
No one knows that you’re a fraud
Nobody but me

Tried to play it by the book
Post apologies to me
But you ignored my every move
I guess its clearance that you seek

Has she got you by the tongue?
‘Cause no one talks to me
No one knows that you’re a fraud
Nobody but me

And I just can’t smile
I just can’t smile….
Track Name: Calico Sunrise
We still know; I’ve heard that my day will come
Yes it’s often night, but there’s signs of light
But you will run, olive-eyed

Crosses in the lust and head on the road
Couldn’t wrestle manager
Listen, bottled poem
Listen learn, you will cry

You couldn't have known that I was spendin’ all my money but I
Couldn’t sit anymore
I was, I was goin’ cross-eyed
He wouldn’t have known
Calico summer sunrise
Now I more than know

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